advI GRA1171 Advertising Design 2:00-4:50 M
***************************************************************** (free photos)

04/18/2010 6:48pm Brighthouse SyFy Channel, Britta Filter Commercial
- Woman spokesperson quotes,
- "Last year the world drank enough bottles of water to circle the earth 190 times."
- "Britta filters will go a long way to reducing that."

Title I "Teacher of the Year"

Ad Categories (Chapter 5)
Endorsements and Testimonials
Slice of Life
Popular Culture
Image or Lifestyle
Adventures and Escapes
Benefits and Differentiation

Expression (Chapter 6)
Satire, Parody, Irony - Satire is literary or artistic form exposing absurdity and foolishness while parody mocks the style of another author
Passion, Lust and Desire -
Triumph - Audience vicariously shares a moment of glory, whether its the underdog, the hero, the soccer team, or the average person
Respect and Value - Importance placed on life's aspects, personal character, country, patriotism, achievement
Pathos and Compassion - Summon pity, compassion or sorrow, typically used to motivate donation of money, time or needed supplies
Fear - losing your family prompts the purchase of life insurance, hole in one's neck with breather disgusts against smoking
Shock and Changing Our Expressions - defying expectations that something will happen
Association - Emotional bonds, mental connections from reminders and suggestions, nostalgia and memories

MIDTERM (from here down)


Coffee Wars
- "ABC NIghtline on McDonald's Coffee Wars"
- Stella Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants
- Dunkin vs. Starbucks
- McDonalds vs. Starbucks

Campaign Examples:

- "America Runs on Dunkin"
- "Baker, Got To Make The Donuts"
- Submit Videos On Youtube Competition (Plumber/Roofers)

- "McDonald's Unsnobby Coffee Commercial"
- "McDonald's: Don't Talk To Me"
- Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald's Commercial

- "Surviver: Eye of the Tiger" (Double Shot Espresso Commercial)
- "Starbucks Ad with Michael Buble"


Psychology of Color

- Sprint uses Yellow
- Verizon's Red

Ambient Advertsing
- Volvo Speed Bump highlighting "suspension" leaving dealerships

Opttical Illusions
"Optical Illusions and 3D Chalk Drawings"
"10 Optical Illusions in Two Minutes" (by Samsung)

Powers of Suggestion
Marco Frezza - "The World's Greatest Mental Television Trick"

"I Can Read Your Mind Through Youtube"

"Mind Game #1 - Subliminal Advertsing" (carrot as a vegetable)
"Mind Game #2

Blair Kleeman (student) (8 min) - "Analyzing Techniques of Advertising"

Weasel Words - Helps, Like, Refreshes, Fights, The Look of, Fortified, Enriched, Strengthened
Scientific/Specific - Clorox, Claims 99.9% germs

Dr. Robert Cialdini - Arizona State
Advertising - What psychological tricks do they use.
Reciprocity - Harry Krishna gives you something, before asking for donation
Scarcity - less available, we want them more, time/availability deadlines
Familiarity -
Consensus - Largest selling, fastest growing

STORY due next week
- 4 campaigns
- 8 page PDF with billboard and magazine ad for each campaign


Ogilvy and Mather

Betty Crocker
- many looks

Tony The Tiger
- They're Greeeat!

Green Giant (ads from 50;s, 60's, etc.)
- Nibblets (less water)
- Sprout

Smokey The Bear
- (Smokey's Journey)
- lit match
- children's cartoons/comics
- people

Got Milk

"Darren Brown - Subliminal Advertising" (6 min) good example of ad creative process)
- "Animal Heaven"
- "Amazing Movement Prediction"

Out Of Africa
Pet's For Life
Fluffy, Friends Forever
Stuff Ya Pup!
Animals Forever
Keep Your Catch (Animal Trophies)
As Real As It Gets (As You Like)
Pet Love
Never Say Good Bye To A Pet Again
Animals Of Memory
Pet's That Will Never leave You
Pet Memories and Animal Stuffing
A Memory That Will Last Forever
Forever Together
It s Sad When You Lose Fluffy
We Understand, Roll Up Our Sleeves
Animal Love
Stayin' Alive

Dove Evolution

HBO's "Nothing In Common" - Jackie Gleason and Tom Hanks

Coops Paints green paint on building
Own a word - Volvo=safety
For class, have one product or service and present four ideas.campaigns, each with one billboard and magazine ad.
In class - create and hand in SOW

(Superbowl 2010 commercial)
"The Mom Song with Lyrics" ((Superbowl) 2010 commercial)
- To the William Tell Overture) - x
"The Journey to Comfort" (Dove Men+Care) - targets women

Change class to 1:30 to 4:20

advertising - "big idea", make you believe a wants is a need
marketing - long-term, identity, brand, what, who, where, am i
sales - POP, threat, timed element, turn over, number of accounts, product movement, signed contracts

Maslow's Hierachy of Needs


TV Advertisement -
Smart Beep - Blind Date (Woman Farts)
Nokia - Cat Hits Wall
Class Mencia

Snickers - Feast , Satisfies
Geico - Caveman, Gecko, Money with Eyeballs
AFLAC (of Columbus) - Duck and quacking sound?!

Fed Ex - Caveman commercial

20100125 (Week 1)

8 pieces due (your own product/service, 4 campaigns, two medium each)
- 4 magazine (full page ads)
- 4 billboards (full page ads)

Mad Men - Draper, Slide Carousel

Mel Gibson
- "What Women Want"

Jackie Gleason and Tom Hanks movie?
- "Nothing In Common"

Budweiser Campaigns
- Sexy (Budweiser Girls)
- Classic (Clydesdales)
- Celebrity (NASCAR, Football)
- Fun (Party Drink)
- Comical (Frogs)
- Good Neighbor (Donates, Drive Responsibly)

You Tube (search terms)
"HP computers are racist"
"Scary car commercial" K-Fee (Coffee Drink wakes you up)
"Evian babies" (spells Niave backwards)
"Tacoma state park alien meteor" (Scott Pendleton and Jen Fox) Sedona
"General Larry Platt; Pants On The Ground"
"Funniest Cats Ever"
Nokia Cat Commercial (Controversial)
"Man Overtakes Cheetah Grabs Gazelle"
"Lions Watch as Gazelle Runs Into Tree"
"Hot for Words" and "Origin of the Word Pampered"
"John West Salmon With Bears"
Cell Phone Pops Corn