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studio II GRA 2114 Graphic Design Studio II 11:00-12:20 T,R
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"De Bono on possibility thinking"

Oren Lavie
"Quarter Past Wonderful"
"Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie" (stop motion)
"Target Ad - Every Colour You Can Dream Of"

Rube Goldberg
- OK Go!
- Automobile Commercial

Patent and Trademark Office (
Copyright (
Creative Commons
Trade Secrets

Sketches of Frank Gehry (Un Filme de Sydney Pollack) (5:00)
Frank Gehry on the Walt Disney Concert Hall (4:47)
"This is a hall for an orchestra. It's importance is the music. Everything else falls behind it."
"Ceramic, glaze, kiln; how did that happen it's beautiful; just claim credit because somehow you made it happen."

Frank Gehry: be Yourself (1:35) "Don't look over your shoulder; you can't be them anyway"
Frank Gehry: Major Breakthrough (1:30)

Frank Lloyd Wright
"Guggenheim Museum New York"

Eterea Studios (5 videos as etereastudios on Youtube)
"Fallingwater" (4:31) A Short Computer Graphic Movie by Cristobal Vila 2008
"Nature by Numbers" by Cristobal Vila
"Snakes" M.C. Escherlike

Creative Inspiration - Lissa Coffey (4:32)
Frank Gehry - Creative Inpiration Quote

"Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better" (22 min)
- Therapy Culture (We believe our past is our future)

Why do we fail, "we didn't have":
(claim to missing resources)
- Time
- Money
- Manager
- Supreme Court

Why we fail... Defining factors isn't "resources" ... it's "RESOURCEFULNESS"
With the right emotion, we find a way

Emotional Fitness, Psychological Fitness

What shapes us (can't believe said, did that)
Your model of the world shapes us, the filter, influence us/them?
(first four everyone meets/gets.. needs of the personality)
1. What's your target
2. Needs (there are six)
- Certainty: to avoid pain, reasonable comfort (if we have it, boredom)
- Uncertainty: We need variety, surprises, fil you've already seen (certain)
- Significance: make more money, spiritual, wahtever it takes, violence (instant significance, certian you'll respond, willing to risk your life for it)
- Connection/Love - want it, need it (afraid to get hurt, we need it, intimacy, friendship, prayer - if nothing else works get a dog)

(needs of the spirit, the last two to find fullfillment)
- Contribute Beyond Ourselvs - lives not about me, it's about we

Map (seven different beliefs)
Time (100 years/seconds)
Emotion (six thousand emotions we have words for)
- Dominant (Empowering vs. Disempowering...)

Jill Greenberg
- "Cool Hunting"

Sir Ken Robinson -
"We don't grow into creativity, we grow out (we're educated out of it)"
"All children are born artists, the challenge is not to grow out of it"

Shakespeare as a seven year old, his mother talking
- Get to bed, you're past your bedtime
- Stop acting up like that, you're whining
- And stop talking like that
- You're confusing people

All education systems build on industrialization
"Don't do music, don't be an artist, you'll never be that"

"If a man speaks his mind in a forest, and no woman hears it, is he stil wrong"

Order of Education importance

"Stay" (movie suggestion)

Willard Wigan (
"Everything... life itself... started small."

"Evolution of Dance"

"Art School Confidential" last 40 minutes
Value + what is it?
Sometimes what seems wrong is actually right?
Sometimes what seems right, is actually wrong.
"If enough believe in something a wrong, humans seem to think it right"

"Art School Confidential" (viewed first 80 minutes)

- 8 different treatments of one idea
- Use a magazine collage, paper cut-outs, line drawings, sketching
(cc) "Creative Commons - Get Creative" (7 min video)
- Green Light (some rights reserved)
- Free to remix!

"Charlie Bit My Finger"
"David After Dentist"
"Evolution of Dance"

(C) Copyright
- Red Light (all rights reserved, no trespassing)
- All rights reserved
- Ask permission

Psychometric Success (

Abstract Reasoning (Paul Newton and Helen Bristol)
- Download PDF Practice Test 1 (25 questions, 20 min)
- Considered culturally fair - uses diagrams, symbols, shapes (not language)
- Involves identifying underlying logic of a pattern and then determining solution

Spacial Reasoning Practice Test (Paul Newton and Helen Bristol)
- Hole Cut-outs
- Mapping (Volkswagen projects)
"Piano Staircase" (60% more usage of stairs when fun)
"The World's Deepest Pit" (Trash Can with audio)
"Enjoy My View" (periscope at bus stops)

Creative Advertising, 1, 2, 3, 4
"Panamerican School of Art and Design Creativity Test "11 (x's and o's)


Marcel Duchamp
- "The Fountain"
' "Nude Running Down a Staircase"

- "Gates in Central Park"
- "Surrounded Island"
- "The Umbrella" Japan

Andy Goldsworthy
- Coconut Husks
- "Neuberger Cairn" (Stone "Eggs")
- Snoballs

Better word for creative "mistake:
weimer (well made error)art
endeavor bust
hypourge (too little effect)
misial (mistaken trial)

6th grade word-

Barry and Stuart
- "Suicide in 'C Sharp'"
- "Funny Cigarette Magic"

Judson Laipley
- "Evolution of Dance"

ok go (music videos)
- treadmills

You Tube
- "Pete Alcon on the World in 2200" (population growth chart)
Procrastination video

8 variations of 1 killer conceptual idea (creative)
poster size preferred

Edward de Bono (Expert on Creativity)
- creativity must have value, not being different for the sake of being different
- "Outside the Box" - unusual or lateral thinking (a side pattern not typically considered)
- "mistake" is a bad word... English needs a word that means... fully justified venture, for reasons beyond control did not succeed
- Greek gang of three (Socrates, Plato, )

Amy Tan (TED - Monterey California)
writer - adaptation of her novel "The Joy Luck Club"
book - "Saving Fish from Drowning"

Creativity in Advertsising

Otto Rank - sychoanalyst, friend of Freud
"creativity is an assumptions-breaking process"

"creativity is the starting point for ideas"

assume - ass of u and me

20100121 (week 0)
frank gross photographer
"what you do when procrastinating is what [career] you should do the rest of your life"

Charles and Rae Eames
- Powers of Ten
- Tops

- "Beyond the age of information is the age of choices"
- "The role of the designer; essentially that of a good host anticipating the needs of a guest"

20100121 (Week 0)