David Ziegler

Operations Manager,
Ziegler Et Cie, LLC

"Business leadership today, demands diverse right brain creative expertise and left brain technical mastery. I've bought into and rebranded a fitness center, building logo designs, print ads, direct mail, and an internet presence. Level 5 Clearance permits, as lead engineer for sales and projects, configuration of high end networks and server infrastructures. Clients include government, hospital, university, and financial institutions. I've worn diverse hats as the operations manager, studio manager, systems integrator, network, telecom engineer at SymQuest, Federated and six years during Dick's Sporting Goods public offering, growth explosive 80 to 500+ stores. As my adjunct digital media instructor at Robert Morris University, Barton James had architected, then hired me among 50+ people to build-out and launch Dick's first ever Ecommerce storefront."