Scott and Suzanne Ramsey

Author / Publisher,
Aztec 48

"Who knew a stranger's 'off-comment' during a delayed business trip or recalling a mother's interest during a person's childhood, would initiate travel to 26 states, recovering 55,000 documents, expenditures of $500,000, and countless interviews that three decades later, finally result in a published book? Historical research unfolds layer by layer. There exists a deep richness beneath each fact, conclusions can be drawn, but opinions are best left to the reader. Historian's cannot know a person's soul, yet character patterns are helpful in understanding that person's motives and choices. We sought to publish a book that fills in the blanks and presents a rounded view of the people touched in 1948 by a powerful incident, only a few miles from Aztec, New Mexico. Barton James' photography and cover design complements that goal."