David Roof

Founding Editor / Author,
Suburban Living Magazine

"Fifteen years Publisher and General Manager at The Almanac, a leading South Western Pennsylvania news provider, founding editor and author of the award winning Suburban Living. We combined residential interests and local stories, inviting community talent to inspire content. We sought Barton James' unique visual style and photographic sensibility, one I'd term as 'fine art,' to portray eye-catching, highly aesthetic and storied, seasonal covers. Envisioning a mid-summers cover, "The Picnic," I had sought three recognized area chef's, to highlight exquisite cuisine contrasted by 'the great outdoors,' and served to volunteer, patron actors from a quaint, nearby little theater. I'd conceived a table setting, in a park, directed and captured by Barton James, our chef's brought their signature gourmet entrees, and our actors performed superbly."