Daniel Perkins

Associate Professor,
Penn State University

"Professor of Family & Youth Resiliency and Policy, my scholarship involves 1) Positive Youth Development; 2) Healthy Family Development; and 3) Community Collaboration. I've designed and evaluated 4H and Cooperative
Extension, strengths-based family and youth development programs for over 15+ years. I established 'Youth Engaged in Technology' or 'YET' afterschool clubs and community partnerships in rural Potter and inner-city, urban Washington counties to serve underprivileged, resilient youth to learn website development, GPS, robotics, imaging/video, among other technologies. Barton James' assisted with parent partnerships, behavioral issues, guiding youth to build websites for arts centers and libraries, hold fund-raising events for food banks, capture and edit video for drug and alcohol prevention, and win varied, local service and commissioner's awards."