Joe Stafura

The Affective Computing Company.

"Cross-polinated in several industries my focus, my central theme, has been innovative, business model redesign through new technologies. Owning my first business in 1994, a string of start-up companies in A.I. (Artificail intelligence) and Machine Learning associated with Cognitive Psychological methods, lead me to Chief Technology Officer at Echo Learning Labs. Founding The Affective Computing Company, I'm developing a mobile application platform "Affective Assessment" useful to individuals or groups to better understand their state of mind, along with a method of self-correction. While Partner at USWeb, my fully digitized print production process from photography to disk, was modeled by Barton James, which reduced our client, Dick's Sporting Goods average image costs from $75 to $5.35, saving over $8 million across 20,000 SKU 's."